Examples of innovative presentations in online learning at #EDUC90970 (part 1)

As part of the Facilitating Online Learning subject #EDU90970, we are putting together presentations on learning theories and frameworks.

The exercise here was to use any other presentation tool besides Powerpoint. Below are the presentations from the first week (week 5 of the course) divided by the tool used. I also included a brief description when interactive strategies were used as I found them very engaging!

Adobe Spark

Google Slides

  • Caitlyn Gourlay presented about Social-Cultural Learning She used breakout rooms in Zoom to divide the class into discussion groups. Outcomes of the discussion were collaboratively added to the Goggle Slides using the group identifier on the top right corner of the Zoom breakout room. She suggested that you can also pose different questions per group using these numbers.
  • Chelsea Hyde presented about Cognitive Load Theory. There was a neat exercise on chunking information that she presented in an embedded video and got us to report our results using the Zoom annotation tool.


The recording of these presentations can be viewed on Thomas Cochrane’s YouTube Channel.

More to come next week!

4 thoughts on “Examples of innovative presentations in online learning at #EDUC90970 (part 1)

  1. Great summary Paula! Nice to have all of the links together in one place. This process is such a great way to learn about both the content and the different delivery/engagement options simultaneously hey?

    Liked by 1 person

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